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Florida mom, Jessica Woods, tried selling daughter for $500

Florida mom, Jessica Woods, tried selling daughter for $500

A heartless Florida mother allegedly tried to sell her toddler for $500 at a bank before no one took her up on the offer and abandoned the child last week.

Jessica Woods, 33, was spotted loitering outside a H&R Block location in Palatka, Fla. with her 18-month-old daughter when she was approached by one of the bank’s employees.

The employee had recognized Woods as the mother who frequented the area and even used the bank’s restroom to change her daughter.

Woods, at one point, was spotted hitting her daughter with her elbow and spanking her inside the bathroom, according to a probable cause affidavit viewed by the Daily Mail.

Jessica Woods was arrested and charged with several felonies after attempting to sell her 18-month-old daughter for $500 in Florida last week. Putnam County Jail

The next morning, on March 5, Woods was found sleeping on an exterior air condition unit while her daughter was inside a nearby shopping cart with no blankets.

The concerned bank employee questioned the woman if she needed help and Woods allegedly demanded money.

Her demand was not met but the employee had offered to buy the duo items, which frustrated Woods to the point where she threw her child, according to the outlet.

Later in the day, Woods returned to the bank where she placed her child on the ground who…

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