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Israel Is Nobody’s Proxy Army


Hamas’s latest response to the U.S./Qatari mediated ceasefire deal is significant for what it says about Iran’s role in the wider Mideast conflict.

President Biden was not impressed by Hamas’s counteroffer of, essentially, “give me everything I want.” The terror group just keeps asking for a deal that leaves them in power in Gaza and ends the war, requiring an IDF redeployment out of the strip. The negotiations are real but also farcical, in that Hamas has no idea what it’s supposed to do right now. Leader Yahya Sinwar is playing cat and mouse with the IDF, communication lines to other Iranian groups have been limited, and Israel has said that at least 30 and as many as 50 of the hostages Hamas still holds are dead. What’s more, approximately half of Hamas’s army is dead or seriously wounded, according to Israeli estimates.

All of which paints a very bleak picture of Hamas’s leverage. Sinwar knows that his troops have exactly one hope of survival: that America calls the fight before it’s finished. And the only way the U.S. would save Hamas from the dustbin of history is if Team Biden surrenders to Iran’s attacks, the most recent of which killed three U.S. troops at a base in Jordan.

Via various proxies, Iran has been attacking commercial ships traversing the Red Sea. It’s been targeting…

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