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Megyn Kelly Annihilates Biden – ‘Trump Will Win The Election’



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Source YouTube: Megyn Kelly, Fox News

The former Fox News host Megyn Kelly spoke out against President Joe Biden on Monday night, saying that recent polling numbers that show him training Donald Trump by 35 points are “devastating” for him.

Kelly Sounds Off On Trump And Biden

“If nothing changes, Trump will win the election,” Kelly said as she talked to The Fifth Column co-host Kmele Foster and International Women’s Forum Senior Policy Analyst Inez Stepman.

Kelly went on to call out both Biden and Donald Trump for not passing immigration reform, slamming what she feels is the false notion of the migrants being portrayed as “asylum seekers,” saying most of their claims are “bulls***.’ 

“It’s all bulls*** because most of the asylum seekers are not seeking asylum. It’s a lie!” Kelly said. “They could have sought asylum in Mexico. They went right through Mexico because they want to be here.”

“They don’t want to actually assimilate, a lot of them, but they want their government check,” she continued. “They want a driver’s license. They want to do all the things that American citizens do without doing any…

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