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Native American Activists Renew Call for Chiefs to Drop Name, End Tomahawk Chop


As Chiefs fans prepare to don their team’s signature gear (featuring their team name and signature arrowhead) and perform their famous “Tomahawk Chop” on Super Bowl Sunday, a group of Native American activists are working to ensure they never get to do it again.

Activist Rhonda LeValdo, a native of Kansas City, is leading an organization called “Not in Our Honor.” The group aims to end the use of Native American nicknames, imagery, and mascots in sports.

LeValdo is in Las Vegas along with other activists to protest the Chiefs’ use of Native American imagery and nicknames.

“I’ve spent so much of my personal time and money on this issue. I really hoped that our kids wouldn’t have to deal with this,” LeValdo said. “But here we go again.”

Native activists and their supporters on the far left have had much success in forcing sports franchises to drop their nicknames. In 2020, the Washington Redskins re-named themselves the Washington Football Team after the death of George Floyd. The following year, activists convinced the Cleveland Indians to drop their name and signature mascot, Chief Wahoo.

The Chiefs and the Atlanta Braves are the last two major American…

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