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NYC’s Dramatic Debut of Side-Loading Garbage Trucks Does Not Get the Intended Reactions – RedState


If I had a dime for every time I read or heard a pompous leftist from a blue state talk about how much more “advanced” and “sophisticated” their states supposedly are in comparison to red states, especially those here in the South, I’d be able to retire early on and live quite comfortably.

Undoubtedly, those same people would assume that their places of residence were on the cutting edge of technology in all things, including city/county garbage trucks that have automated side loaders that pick up the cans without sanitation workers having to do much if any of the heavy lifting.

In fact, such a scenario is playing out as we speak in New York City, where on Thursday our purported intellectual betters debuted such a truck surrounded by much hoopla, with music playing, cameras rolling, photographers snapping pictures, and politicos smiling and posing for photo ops while holding bags of trash:

The trucks, which are still undergoing testing, will be able to hoist on-street containers the city will eventually require high-density buildings to use to store trash, Mayor Eric Adams said at a news conference in Manhattan’s Hudson Square Thursday.

Reporters got a demonstration of one truck’s bin-hoisting abilities just before the mayor’s announcement.

“The truck you see next to me,” Adams said, pointing to the…

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