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Open Border Allows Chinese Special Operators to Infiltrate America | The Gateway Pundit


Source:  CBS

Across the open Southern Border, a mass of humanity is flooding America.  The new phenomenon is large groups of Chinese Nationals.  Even legacy media is now acknowledging the Chinese invasion across the Southern Border.  They land in Ecuador by air from China, then move on bus, foot through the Darian Gap in Panama, and back onto buses after a quick stay at Department of Homeland Security Camps in Panama.  5,000 a day total migrants, equating to more than 100 buses northbound daily.

Some are fleeing the Chinese Communist Party, some are escaping the collapsing economy, but some are very different.  Watch for the younger-ish males with good teeth, flat stomachs, military haircuts, and the avoidance of eye contact.  Those are the initial discriminators that begin to indicate a military connection.  Teeth?  Yes, one of the major reasons for non-deploy-ability of U.S. soldiers is dental issues.  China mimics everything American Military, and that likely includes deployment standards.  Michael Yon, former Special Forces Operator has documented the Chinese invasion at length.  I spent some time with him and Ann Vandersteel and others documenting this in Panama.

Where do these incoming Chinese Special Operators trace to?  Most likely, it is the mundane-sounding Strategic Support Force…

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