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Our Favorite Entertainment Stories Of January 2024


The new year started out with a bang from Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro and rapper Tom MacDonald blowing up the music industry after topping the charts with their rap collaborationFacts” to news about the apocalyptic movie “Homestead” dropping from the studio behind “Sound of Freedom,” and more.

Shapiro recently teamed up with the Canadian wrestler-turned-rapper in a track that takes a swipe at the insanity of things in our culture like gender identity and defunding the police, as previously reported.

“As a longtime devotee of rap, becoming a rapper was the natural next step in my career trajectory,” Shapiro said in a press release from MacDonald. “So, when Tom asked if I wanted to collaborate on a song, I leapt at the chance.”

“This was the moment I spent 20 years of classical violin training preparing for,” he added. “For those who don’t appreciate my artistic stylings, all I can say is that they didn’t appreciate Bach properly in his own time, either.” 

Ben Shapiro/Tom MacDonald

Photo credit: Nova Rockafeller

MacDonald said after releasing “Facts, “I like to do things nobody else can do. Not everybody can get Ben Shapiro on a track. For someone who had never…

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