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Penn President Will Not Act To Remove Anti-Semitic Cartoonist From Faculty, Citing ‘Bedrock Commitment to Open Expression’


Interim president Larry Jameson said he finds Annenberg lecturer Dwayne Booth’s cartoons ‘reprehensible’ but won’t take action

University of Pennsylvania’s interim president, Larry Jameson, responded on Sunday to a slew of grotesque anti-Semitic cartoons published by a lecturer at Penn’s Annenberg School of Communications, saying that while he personally finds the images “reprehensible,” the school has a “bedrock commitment to open expression.” Without saying so explicitly, Jameson made clear neither he nor administrators at the school would take action to sanction or remove cartoonist Dwayne Booth from the faculty.

Jameson’s statement came roughly three days after a Washington Free Beacon report unearthed the cartoons, which depict Zoinists sipping Gazan blood from wine glasses—a version of the ancient blood libel employed in anti-Semitic propaganda—as well as Jews in a Nazi concentration camp holding signs that read “Stop The Holocaust In Gaza,” and “Gaza, The World’s Biggest Concentration Camp.”

“At Penn, we have a bedrock commitment to open expression and academic freedom, principles that were unanimously reaffirmed last week by our Faculty Senate Executive Committee,” Jameson said. “We also have a responsibility to challenge what we find…

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