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SC Lawmaker Tells Story of Maddie Hines, Killed by Illegal Alien


South Carolina State Rep. Stewart Jones (R), who has endorsed former President Donald Trump ahead of the GOP primary election, highlighted the case of his goddaughter Maddie Hines who was killed last year in a car crash caused by an illegal alien.

During a press conference on Thursday, Jones detailed Maddie’s case. In October 2023, the car Maddie was in was struck by a vehicle driven by Gabriel Arteaga. Also in the car with Maddie were her mother Chelsey, her grandmother Theresa, and her sister Kinsley.

While Chelsey, Theresa, and Kinsley were airlifted to a nearby hospital with critical injuries, Maddie was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Arteaga is an illegal alien from Mexico who was reportedly previously deported from the United States under the Trump administration but had illegally crossed the southern border to return to the U.S. under President Joe Biden’s administration.

“How many more American lives will be destroyed by open border policies?” Jones said at the press conference, speaking of Maddie’s story. Maddie’s parents held photos of her at the press conference with “LoveLikeMaddie.com” to promote their foundation in their daughter’s…

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