Home Entertainment Sex-Obsessed ‘Zombie Cicadas’ Expected To Emerge

Sex-Obsessed ‘Zombie Cicadas’ Expected To Emerge

Sex-Obsessed ‘Zombie Cicadas’ Expected To Emerge

As trillions of cicadas are expected to emerge throughout the United States in spring, experts are predicting that some of the insects will be infected with a sexually transmitted fungus turning them into sex-obsessed so-called “zombie cicadas.”

Periodical cicadas, a common term used to refer to any of the seven cicada species, emerge after spending 13 to 17 years underground. This year, however, there will be two specific ones that emerge called Brood XIX and Brood XIII, according to CBS News. (RELATED: Newly Discovered Insect Nearly Mistaken For Bird Droppings)

The Brood XIX species, typically emerging every 13 years, is expected to emerge from Georgia and the Southeast, with the later species, typically emerging every 17 years, predicted to emerge in Illinois, the outlet reported. In addition to massive numbers of cicadas emerging, West Virginia University Associate Professor of Mycology and Forest Pathology told CBS News that both of the broods could be infected with a fungus called Massospora cicadina.

“The cicada continues to participate in normal activities, like it would if it was healthy,” Kasson told the outlet. “Like it tries to mate, it flies around, it walks on…

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