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America is being pulled by reactionary political leaders
Resetting the clock is a good idea.
arrangement of the Constitution. It says that anyone can be a member of the Constitution.
Can anyone who has taken an Oath to Secure the Constitution be Disqualified
If they are “actually involved”, they may not be allowed to hold public office.
insurrection” against America. New Mexico’s judge believed this, and recently used it to permanently ban the United States.
Insurrectionists are those who have never before held any type state
A government office again.

Couy Lion, a commissioner, spent months normalizing violence against women
Trump at work, but also inspired advocates to travel
On January 6, he went to Washington. Lion was elected twice more.
accrediting New Mexico'' s 2022 main election, sustained by conspiracy theory concepts
Concerning the security and safety of ballot equipment. This case demonstrates that any legislator who took part in the January sixth insurrection should be held accountable and prevented from holding public office, either now or in the future. This includes Donald Trump.

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