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Type 2 Diabetes Summit for Health Policy Advisors


The most common type of diabetes, type II, impacts over 34 million Americans. Additionally, about 96 million Americans have prediabetes, putting them at high risk of developing type II diabetes. With the large number of impacted Americans, significant associated medical expenses and indirect costs of the condition, diabetes is one of the most expensive chronic conditions in the United States. The annual cost of diabetes is $412 billion, and those diagnosed spend twice as much on medical care compared to people who do not have diabetes. Furthermore, a large majority of those diagnosed with type II diabetes are members of historically marginalized racial groups, have lower socioeconomic statuses or are rural residents. For example, diabetes rates in American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) communities are double that of the national average, and those identifying as AIAN are 1.8 times more likely to die from diabetes compared to other racial groups. Additionally, individuals living in the Appalachian Region are 1.4 times more likely to have diabetes than those living in other areas and have significantly less access to health care than most communities.  

Given the significant challenges that persist in preventing and managing type II diabetes, the National Governors Association Center’s (NGA Center) Public Health Team…

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