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Todd and Julie Chrisley will be sentenced this week for fraud and tax evasion. Prison is looming


ATLANTA (AP) — Todd and Julie Chrisley were driven by greed as they engaged in an extensive bank fraud scheme and then hid their wealth from tax authorities while flaunting their lavish lifestyle, federal prosecutors said, arguing the reality television stars should receive lengthy prison sentences.

The Chrisleys gained fame with their show “Chrisley Knows Best,” which follows their tight-knit, boisterous family. They were found guilty on federal charges in June and are set to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Eleanor Ross in a hearing that begins Monday and is likely to extend into Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors used a process to determine a sentencing range that was based on many factors. They determined that the maximum sentence for Todd Chrisley is almost 22 years and for Julie Chrisley it is about 12 and a quarter years. In a court filing, prosecutors stated that the couple should be ordered by the court to pay restitution.

“The Chrisleys have built an empire based on the lie that their wealth came from dedication and hard work,” prosecutors wrote. “The jury’s unanimous verdict sets the record straight: Todd and Julie Chrisley are career swindlers who have made a living by jumping from one fraud scheme to another, lying to banks, stiffing vendors, and evading taxes at…

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