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Video: Climate change activists throwing soup at Mona Lisa


Radical climate change activists hurled soup at the Mona Lisa painting inside the Louvre Museum in Paris on Sunday.

Video shows the moment that two women approach the Mona Lisa painting and then douse Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece with soup.

The women reportedly shouted, “What’s the most important thing? Art, or right to a healthy and sustainable food?”

Louvre employees were seen on video placing black panels in front of the Italian Renaissance masterpiece and asking visitors to evacuate the room.

No damage was done to the classic piece of art since it rests behind bulletproof glass.

“Two activists from the environmental movement ‘Riposte Alimentaire’ sprayed pumpkin soup on the armored glass protecting the Mona Lisa, this Sunday, January 28, 2024, around 10 a.m. (4 a.m. ET),” the Louvre Museum said in a statement. “The Louvre’s security staff immediately intervened.”

Paris police said two individuals were arrested following the incident.

The radical environmental group Riposte Alimentaire – which roughly translates to “Food Response” – took credit for the soup attack on the Mona Lisa painting and demanded “the integration of food into the general social security system.”

The climate change group said on the X social media platform, “Our agricultural and food system also has extremely worrying…

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