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WATCH: Dixville Notch Voter Reveals Her Pick Between Donald Trump And Nikki Haley


HOOKSETT, NH — The first batch of votes cast at midnight tonight in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire will include at least one for Nikki Haley.

Annmarie Pintal Turcotte, who is one of the just six voters registered to vote in the precinct, told The Daily Wire on Monday that she will be casting her vote for the former South Carolina governor. “I’ve met Nikki Haley,” Turcotte told The Daily Wire at a rest stop in New Hampshire. “I think she’s fantastic and I hope that she’s our next president.”

It will be Turcotte’s first time voting in the town that has a historic tradition of voting first in the Granite State which has four registered Republicans and two independents, according to Politico. Though the precinct only has six voters, it has become a closely watched batch of votes as they will be the official first primary votes cast in the primary.

Dixville Notch Voter Says Nikki Haley Will Get Her Vote In New Hampshire Primary

“It started actually in 1960 by Neil Tillotson, who was the owner of the Balsams Resort,” Turcotte said, referring to a resort that she’s now the part owner of. “He started the tradition…

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