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When Jeffrey Epstein’s list is released, only one name really matters


In the next few days, a federal judge is expected to unseal the names of many of the 187 people associated with Jeffrey Epstein in court documents. The names come from a trial between one of Epstein’s accusers and his former partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. Among those on the “Epstein list” are associates or friends who traveled with the accused sex trafficker on his private plane, and as the revelation of those names approaches, many news sites and pundits seem convinced that only one name matters: Bill Clinton.

Fox News has a story up headlining the former president’s expected appearance on the list. Business Insider joins in with another article that puts Clinton as “perhaps the biggest name” to appear on the list. Unsurprisingly, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has also joined in, saying that it’s “no surprise” that Clinton will be on the list. And honestly … it’s not. Flight documents released in 2021 show that Clinton did ride on Epstein’s plane nine times.

But there’s only one name on the list that actually matters. And that name is Donald Trump.

There’s little doubt that Trump’s name is on the list because he appears at least seven times on the flight logs released earlier in the case. For example, here’s one page of the flight log from…

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