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Where Money for ‘Palestinian Relief’ Actually Goes


Something is not rotten at the UN; everything is rotten at the UN.

After United Nations officials tried to pass off as a few bad apples the dozen or so UNRWA employees found to have participated in the Oct. 7 attacks, the Wall Street Journal comes out with a report that “10% of all of its Gaza staff have ties to Islamist militant groups, according to intelligence reports.”

Turns out there aren’t a great many good apples.

As I wrote on Friday, next to the Gaza war itself, the most important story about the conflict is the corruption of international institutions. There’s a corollary to this: After Oct. 7, institutions should be judged by how much of their behavior is governed by what we’ve learned since the attacks. There is absolutely no going back to the pre-10/7 world, and Mideast or Mideast-adjacent governments and organizations must be held to that standard.

Some details from the intel report viewed by the Journal: “Intelligence estimates shared with the U.S. conclude that around 1,200 of Unrwa’s roughly 12,000 employees in Gaza have links to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and about half have close relatives who belong to the Islamist militant groups.”

But here’s the true kicker: “Two officials familiar with the intelligence said the Unrwa employees considered to have ties with…

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