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Israeli Father Recounts How Hamas Savages Killed His Son and Tried to Sell His Head for $10,000 – RedState


Another story has emerged from the war between Israel and Hamas that highlights even further why the terrorist organization must be eliminated. An Israeli father has spoken out publicly about what Hamas did to his son, who was an Israeli soldier.

David Tahar, the father of Sgt. Adir Tahar, participated in an interview in which he explained that members of the terrorist group murdered his son during Hamas’ October 7 surprise attack on Israel, decapitated him, and attempted to sell his head for $10,000.

Tahar told the story in an interview:

In an interview given to Channel 14’s show Now, David Tahar told the hosts about the journey he went on to bring his son’s remains home for burial.

David began by describing his son’s final moments in combat saying “His death was very very difficult.”

“They fired a rocket at him and 3 grenades, according to the autopsy I received his whole body was filled with shrapnel.”

“Unfortunately, his body was abused after his death,” continuing, “The terrorists, they call them barbarians this is complimenting them, they just beheaded him and took his head back to Gaza with them.”

“Over the course of two and a half months, I turned the world upside down to try and understand where the head was.”

Interrupting him the host asks, “You received a body without a head?”

“I received a body…

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