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2024 Texas Review of Law & Politics

On April 13, 2024, I was honored to accept the Jurist of the Year award from the Texas Review of Law & politics. Perhaps more importantly, I was quite pleased to see the Josh Blackman Bobblehead. I stand in some great company.

Here is the audio, where you’ll hear comments from two very special guests.


And here are my prepared remarks:


Thank you so much for the introduction, Judge Ho. It is the honor of a lifetime to be up here. But in candor, I’m not sure why I’m here. When Adam Ross told me that I was selected as the 2024 TROLP jurist of the year, my immediate reaction was, to quote Wayne’s World: “I’m not worthy.” Let’s do a survey of the 25 TROLP jurists of the year who came before me. There were two Supreme Court Justices: Scalia and Thomas. There were ten lower-court federal judges: Jones, Starr, Smith, Owen, Garwood, Pryor, Willett, O’Connor, Elrod, and Ho. There were four Senators: Cornyn, Lee, Cruz, and Cotton. There were three Solicitors General: Olson, Coleman, Clement. There were two Attorneys General: Meese and Abbott. There was only one law professor who was jurist of the year: Lino Graglia, a giant in the law, who received the award when he was eighty years old.

Then there’s me. I’m not a judge, and I don’t consider myself a jurist. I’ve never held any appointed or elected…

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