Home Entertainment Biden Brings Us To The Brink Of World War III

Biden Brings Us To The Brink Of World War III

Biden Brings Us To The Brink Of World War III

Deep stupidity has consequences in the real world. That is particularly true in the realm of foreign policy.

In domestic policy, you can be pretty stupid, but we have some rather solid checks and balances constitutionally from the local and state levels all the way up to the federal government. Stupidity very often can be somewhat mitigated by these structures.

But when it comes to foreign policy, the President of the United States has, effectively, plenary power. He has extraordinary power over foreign policy. That means the stupidity of a president of the United States can put people in the United States and our allies in danger of being killed because the president is a dullard. The president is an imbecile. 

When you have a senile imbecile in charge of the United States government, you’ve got a problem.

Joe Biden is not just senile. He is, in fact, an imbecile. He’s been an imbecile on foreign policy for his entire career. Robert Gates, the former secretary of defense under Barack Obama, said that Joe Biden had not been right on a single foreign policy issue his entire career. 

That pattern continued on Thursday.

Biden is a deeply unprincipled human being. When it comes to foreign…

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